12 June 2016

Done At Last!!!

The finished quilt top

The peony yesterday
So chuffed to have finished the quilt top yesterday. All that needs to be done now is the layering, quilting and binding.
It's not a scrappy quilt in the true sense of the word I don't think but I am happy with it and DD loves it.

Had to catch a photo of the peony before all this rain ruins it. It's just beautiful and I am hoping that next year it will have lots more flowers that I can cut to bring indoors.

Delicious smells coming from the kitchen this morning. Homemade onion sauce and mint sauce and lamb just starting to cook. It's making my tummy rumble. Mind you I could just sit and eat the bowl of onion sauce smothered in mint sauce. I love both...a lot.

We didn't get much done in the garden. Hubby just managed to get the front and back lawns cut before it started raining yesterday and it looks like it's set for the day today as well so none will get done today either.
Another day of sewing then to prepare the charm pack for the quilt for Marlowe. I am having a go at half square triangles this time. Never done them before so we'll see how they go.

The roast potatoes are due to go in soon so I'll go and sort them out.

Happy Sunday.....hope it's dry for you.


  1. Gorgeous quilt, I love it, and that peony is just what I was hoping for and will have next year. I am meat free for a while but would still eat the bowl of sauces. I have a friend who has mint sauce on everything, even omelettes. We had rain overnight but the sun is shining now.

  2. Weather report from Suffolk - Not Too bad here today. Your description of roast lamb made me feel quite hungry!

  3. Wet...then wet...with rain for afters! Which in our dug out garden means lots of clacky mud! Lovely quilt and beautiful peonie. x

  4. All I can think about now is a roast lamb dinner. The quilt top[ is beautiful, a lovely mix of fabrics.


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