Sunday, 19 June 2016

What's That Then?!!!

There's a strange bright light outside this morning.....oh...I've just realised it's the sun. Well hello
Having said that...there are still lots of grey clouds that look like they may throw something at us later.

DD and I are taking hubby out for lunch today seeing as how it's Father's Day and then this evening we will be having a little tea party for him. He loves to have a proper tea on a Sunday with sandwiches and cake....bless him.
By the time I have baked and prepared tea and prepped all the fruit for lunch boxes for the week there won't be much time for sewing today so I will give myself a whole day in the week for that as I really want to get the quilt done for Marlowe.

Oooooh I smell coffee....I'm off.
Bye for now.


  1. We too have the same strange light. Enjoy your meal out.

  2. Afternoon tea is lovely, I love it because it's such a treat, a totally unnecessary meal unless one has lunch at noon and doesn't dine until 8 pm, which is highly unlikely these days of eating-on-the-hoof, so to speak. Afternoon tea was devised by Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, who complained of a 'sinking feeling' mid afternoon and so asked for something to eat with her cup of tea. Some places now refer to it as high tea, but that is not a traditional afternoon tea - high tea because it was taken eating upright at a high table, whereas afternoon tea - or low tea - was always served at small tables, he guests being seated in more comfortable arm chairs. I hope your husband enjoys his afternoon tea today!
    Margaret P

  3. We saw the light yesterday, all we have today is grey drizzle with some rain on the side. Love afternoon tea, Francesca and I used to go to a place in Ely for special occasions, wonderful teas, you could have traditional, savoury or chocolate.

  4. I am having a sewing day today :-)

  5. Did you capture some of that light stuff in a jar...and if you did could you send me some dry out the mud! x


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