Friday, 10 June 2016

She's On Her Way!!!

Not the best of photographs but here is my new peony peeking out and ready to bloom. Please excuse the state of the border and the lawn edges. Hubby will be seeing to the lawn this weekend and DD and I will be tidying up the borders and laying some bark to keep the weeds down.
Up above the peony the old apricot tree is full of flowers from the climbing rose just coming into flower and to the side of that is the buddleia with no sign of flowers yet. I'm hoping I wasn't too vicious when I trimmed it back last year.

Had a lovely hour or so with DDIL and Marlowe yesterday and then half an hour with Marlowe while Ruby was picked up from school. She's a proper little chuckle bunny now.

DD had been working out in the hot sun all day yesterday and was totally wilted when she got home. She walked through the door and said....."get yourself changed Momma......we are going out for tea".
So she treated me to tea at Frankie & Bennys. It was so cool in there I could have stayed all night.
We'll be having the Sweet and Sticky meatballs tonight then.

Today will be a sewing day to finish off the quilt top and then if I have time I just want to have a go at making some cute little mug mats I saw on You Tube. I have to stop watching that channel as I have a saved list of projects I want to try as long as my arm and still keep finding

Just waiting for hubby to get back from the hospital before I have a coffee. He will be in and back out again rather quickly but hopefully he will have time for a drink.

It's a bit dull here today but still very warm. There is not a sign of a breeze so I think the throw I have just washed will go in the dryer as I want to change my winter duvet for a lighter throw now as I am too warm at night to sleep well.

Anyway....hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I've not seen the weather forecast but you can bet your bottom dollar that as we are planning to be out in the garden there will be rain at some


  1. We had a rain forecast but may have had 20 drops, it is heavy but there is a good breeze. Ben had a bath so all his towels went in the wash and are on the whirlygig. How one little dog can soak 3 large towels is beyond me. My peony has opened a flower and is single, pretty but I am a bit disappointed, I will be looking for some doubles for the autumn planting.

  2. 2 peonies here but no buds. Hope the weather stays fine for you

  3. Hope it stays fine for you it certainly hasn't here it is raining once again and is forecast for the next week.

  4. The Peony will be beautiful in full bloom. It's just started to rain here today which is very welcome for the gardens and it's making the air smell amazing. It's been warm and sunny for so long here now that it is quite a shock to see how dry the river is considering the destruction it caused in our nearby town in last year's floods. X

  5. Our other garden was full of peonies I took a few root cuttings one made it but too young yet to flower, what a lovely treat being taken out for tea, we had some rain over night enugh to dampen the soil it was much needed, you tube is brilliant you can learn so much off it :-)


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