Wednesday, 8 June 2016

....And So It Begins!!!

As you all know by now.....I am not a huge fan of summer. I don't cope very well in the heat and I don't like sitting out in it. It was very hot here last night so I have woken up this morning feeling like I have been drugged.
It's not sunny today so far but the heat is there. If the cloud stays I will be able to take Ruby to the little park on our estate for a tea time picnic if not it will be a carpet picnic with all the doors and windows thrown open as there is absolutely no shade at all on the park.

Yesterday after getting a couple of small jobs done I worked some more on the quilt top and added another two strips of seven 8 x 8 squares. Just three more to go which probably won't get done until Friday now which will take my mind a little off hubby being at the hospital. We are not sure if the biopsy is taking place then or not as there was very little information in the letter he was sent.

More salad for tea today. I could do with T's deliveries being diverted straight to my fridge. We are getting through so much both for evening meals and pack ups and fruit is costing me a fortune as both hubby and DD like to take a box of fresh fruit all cut up and ready to eat. Pineapple is a favourite and thank goodness I bought the pineapple corer tool's fabulous and saves my hands getting sore.

Just got to feed hubby and wash his pots up, have a quick flick round with a duster and then I am going to watch Sewing Bee and wait for my little Doodle to arrive after school. When we take her home we need to drop by the supermarket and pick up yet more salad and fruit and squash for hubby who drinks it by the jugful through the summer.

Hope the weather is just how you like it where you are.



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  1. You wouldn't believe the weather here. Really warm yesterday, a muggy night and then back to be cold again this morning. No wonder there are so many people with coughs and colds.


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