17 June 2016

Mad World!!!

My thoughts this morning are with the family of Jo Cox who was so brutally killed yesterday.
Our world today is a very ugly place indeed.

I have been in absolute agony since yesterday morning. When we came back from shopping on Wednesday evening it was raining very hard so DD and I just grabbed all of the bags and ran up the garden path as quickly as we could. Unfortunately I had grabbed all of the heavy bags and have pulled the muscles in my shoulders and chest. I feel like I have been stomped on by a herd of cows.
I was going to give the bedroom carpet a freshen up with the beast of a carpet cleaner but I don't think I can cope with it today so that is put off until the pain has eased a bit.

Had a lovely couple of hours with DDIL and Marlowe at the garden centre yesterday. Saw several things I would have liked to buy but kept my money firmly in my purse as none of them were things I needed.
Margaret P....Marlowe is my thirteen week old Grandaughter.

I think I will just spend the day sewing today. I won't get chance tomorrow as I am babysitting Marlowe all day and Sunday we are taking hubby out for Father's Day lunch.
BLT's (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches) have been requested for tea tonight so that is what we're having although I could quite happily repeat what we had last night which was a Crunchy Tuna salad.....tuna mixed with sweetcorn, red onion, green pepper, pineapple, mayonnaise, a dash of Tabasco and salt and pepper. It was absolutely gorgeous served with salad and jacket potato.

Well it's a bit early but I am really ready for my cup of coffee. I was up a lot earlier this morning as DS was coming round to borrow the van to do his good deed for the day which is helping Ruby's school by disposing of some unwanted stuff for them. He's a good fella.

See you all tomorrow.


  1. sewing or carpet cleaning, the carpet can wait it will still be there next week enjoy your sewing and take it easy :-)

  2. The death was indeed a tragedy, makes you wonder what this world is coming to. I agree with Dawn enjoy the sewing the carpet will still be there tomorrow. The tuna salad sounds delicious. Take care.

  3. The tragedy was like a news item from the US, meaningless violence and another family destroyed. I agree with Dawn, cleaning will always be there to do. I shopped this morning ans now that it has decided to rain will be knitting and/or sewing this afternoon.

  4. Hey lady, I'm finally here to comment backwards through your blog! Hope your back feels better soon!

  5. Thank you for explaining Marlowe ... I thought it might be a little lad or even a kitten or perhaps a place by the River Thames (I'm only joking about the last one .. I still think of anyone called Tyler as a roof tiler ... oh, I must stop and just get used to these 21st century names. John and Mary will return to fashion one day, har, har1)
    The crunchy tuna salad sounds lovely - I'm not a great fan of tuna but this could make even that fish (the tinned type, I mean) palatable. A dietician once told me that sweet corn really wasn't worth eating, it was the only veg that went through the system and emerged the other end much like when I went in! Sorry, if that's too much information!
    Sorry about your pulled muscles, it's so easy to do something like that. Get husband (I won't say "hubby" as I think most people know by now that word is not one of my favourites) to clean the carpets ... Perhaps with the promise of a nice cup of tea and a cake at the end of it?
    Margaret P


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