Monday, 20 June 2016

Another Week!!!

One of my neighbours has just bought a lovely caravan.......I think they would have been better buying a boat.
Yes you guessed it......we have torrential rain again since early morning and it doesn't look like it is stopping any time soon.

Lunch out yesterday was lovely........or bostin' as hubby
We were hoping that DS and DDIL would come for tea with the children but DDIL and Ruby both had upset stomachs so it was just Hubby, DD and me. It was nice but would have been nicer with the family here.

Just the usual post weekend jobs to do today plus a bit of laundry. My shoulders and chest are better now so the beast will be out this week sometime for the bedroom carpet.
Hubby needs feeding at lunchtime this week so once that is done today I will definitely be sewing.
The rest of the week I will be sorting out things for a crafting weekend with Ruby. She is entering a craft competition at school so it makes sense for her to come here and do it and have everything to hand. I am looking forward to it.

A nice strong coffee and a quick read of the papers and then I shall go and get started on some more jobs.

Hope it's dry for you today.


  1. Unfortunately torrential rain here too, despite the weather forecast saying it would be cloudy but dry.

  2. Oh, you do make me smile ... yes a boat would be far more use than a caravan this weather! Here in Devon it's been torrential and all my lovely roses and peonies have been flattened, but strangely enough, the two new delphinium plants we put in are still upright, ramrod straight!
    "Hubby need feeding at lunchtime ..." That also made me smile. It sounds like you have an extra baby and you're doing regular feeds, tee-hee. My husband didn't come home to lunch because his work (a senior engineer designing components for the electronics industry) was from 8.18 am to 5pm Mon to Thurs, and 8.18 am to 4 pm on a Friday, a 37.5 hour week. He took a packed lunch, sometimes sandwiches, fruit, etc, but sometimes I would make a salad on a plate. Once, I sent him with smoked salmon and the chaps thought that "very posh" and so I thought I'd 'ham it up' (pardon the pun) and sent him with 'caviar' one day (well, lump fish roe!) But my husband is quite happy to get his own lunch if this is necessary - say when I've gone to the hairdresser, or am meeting a friend for lunch, or if I have a writing deadline to meet and I'm pushed for time.
    Have a good week, Sheila, in spite of all this rain - but at least it makes the countryside very green!
    Margaret P

  3. You're letting a beast into your bedroom?! Oh...that sort of a blog now is it!! x

  4. Bostin lol , A black country saying , do you live or does yoor husband come from around where we live xxx

  5. No we don't live in the black country and hubby was born in Derbyshire and doesn' far as I know have any ties to the black country -x-


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