Tuesday, 21 June 2016

It's Back Again!!!

That strange light has returned and I think it's going to be a tad warm so I will not be doing anything over strenuous as I would like to avoid doing my impression of a beetroot on legs. I get very red in the face and headachey when it's too warm.
I think it's time to fill up the ice cube trays and make some homemade lemonade.

I didn't get any sewing done yesterday as we had a power cut for a couple or so hours. Something gone wrong at the sub station down the road I think. By the time we were hooked up again I had lost my mojo and just cut up some fabric for my next project which will be a small cross body bag to use when I go shopping. It will have just enough room for my purse and a pack of tissues as my current bag drives me mad. It's a portable treasure hunt on a strap....way too many compartments.

Salad for tea tonight I think which we will have with some lamb koftas and a minted dressing. It sounds lovely and cool so just the thing for a warm day.
Hubby is having roasted belly pork before he goes to work. He likes it cooked until it is crispy so I shall go and put it in the oven shortly. Once that is done I am going to watch the latest episode of Sewing Bee while I have my coffee. If I don't watch it today I will forget all about it as I get busier towards the weekend.

Hope it's sunny where you are.



  1. Finally we have a little sunshine, long may it last.

  2. Hello lady X I love a lamb kofta once in a while! Hope everything is fab with you n yours. Xx


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