Monday, 27 June 2016

Sticky!!!'s a tad warm here this morning. Not nice warm's humid and sticky. There is a slight breeze and it's dry so at least the laundry can go on the line.

It's taken ages this morning for me to get my engines revved. I think I slept too deeply last night and woke up feeling like a slug...ugh.
I've got a couple of jobs done in a rather slow and ponderous manner but hubby is just making coffee which will give me a bit of a boost and speed me up a bit.

Next job on my list is to tidy away the dolls who are putting on a fashion show in front of the bookcase and then hubby has requested a sausage casserole for tea so I have the prep to do for that. I will not be partaking. I shall have a salad. DD can choose which she wants when she comes in.

Season four of Wentworth begins tonight so DD and I will be watching that as we can't wait until the dvd comes out in October.
We've watched a couple of really good films on tv this weekend. Life Of Pi......which I had never really fancied but turned out to be really good and The Railway Man which we watched last night was excellent. Both will be going on my dvd list.
We also watched the programme about the film reels from World War II which was very moving.

Right....I shall go and crack on with these jobs.
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  1. Overcast here so cool but dry, fingers crossed it will stay that way.


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