Thursday, 23 June 2016

Where Did That Go Then!!!

I think I must have blinked and missed yesterday. Lots of busyness in the form of cooking, tidying, a bit of laundry, a visit from Miss Doodle, taking her home and then food shopping.
DD and I finally sat down to have our tea at 8:30pm which was half an hour before hubby was due home and I had to start again.
No time to even catch up with all my favourite blogs that posted later in the day so I will rectify that today while I have my lunch.

This morning I have made the cheese sauce for the lasagnes and made up a large one for us and a couple for DS and DDIL. Ours never got anywhere near the freezer once hubby saw it. A portion of it is now filling his tummy and the rest will be for tea for DD and me later.

This time thirty three years ago......after being messed about with for nearly a week.....I was hours away from giving birth to my beautiful little son. I had a dreadful pregnancy after not getting a positive pregnancy test until I was six months pregnant, a traumatic week of them trying to make me go in to labour and have what they called a 'normal' birth after a previous caesarean birth and ending up with another caesarean anyway. I lost so much blood that I had to have a transfusion and baby had jaundice so not the happiest of experiences. Even the birth announcement in the local paper went wrong and they printed that he had been born in
Despite all that he has grown up to be a wonderful son who now has a little family all of his own.
Happy 33rd Birthday Dean.
We love you and are all so proud of you.

DD and I will be visiting him later to deliver gifts and kisses and on the way we will call in to vote. The village hall which is our polling station is a nightmare for parking being right across the road from the school so best to avoid at any time there will be people dropping off or picking up children.

Just a kitchen tidy to do once hubby has gone off to work and then I think I am going to collapse in a heap in front of the computer, catch up on some blogs and then have a You Tube session watching sewing videos for an hour until it's time for DD to come home.

Hope you are having a great day today.

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  1. Just been to our local village hall and voted, it is the busiest I have ever seen it. This referendum has certainly got people riled.


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