Monday, 13 June 2016

Mug Mats And Roses!!!

Mug mats

Beautiful roses
Well I have had quite a productive weekend this weekend for once. A finished quilt top, three mug mats made and I have started on the quilt for Marlowe. I loved making the mug mats which were so quick and easy that I made three from cutting to finishing in just half an hour. I think they will make a lovely little something to add to gifts at Christmas so I will definitely be making more.
Here is the LINK to the tutorial if you want to have a go at making some yourself. They are made from six 5" squares and a piece of batting so a good way of using up oddments.

The beautiful rose climbing up my dead apricot tree is stunning this year it has so many buds on it I'll be surprised if the tree stays standing with the weight of them. There should also have been a honeysuckle winding through the branches but it didn't do very well and had to come out.
The apricot tree always makes me laugh. When it was alive it used to have lots of blossom on it but we only ever got one fruit on it which the birds ate. Hubby used to play tricks on me and tie apricots from the supermarket onto it to make me think it was actually doing something and he caught me with that trick every

There is just a bit of tidying to do this morning and a bowl of salad to get ready for tea. We are having my favourite feta cheese salad and some roasted Charlotte potatoes with chargrilled peppers and garlic......yummy.

Hubby has just had to nip to the hospital to pick up some tablets ready for when he goes for his biopsy as he will need to take one six hours before the operation so we will be late having our coffee today. I'm ready for mine but I'll be good and wait for him.
This afternoon he has to take Smudge dog to the vets for a check up on his eyes. I have stopped putting the cream in that they gave us as he started getting the green gunk again. He is much better with just the drops. His little eyes are beautifully bright and clear with just the odd bit of gunk now and again.

Right I shall go and grab a duster and have a flip round with that then shove the hoover round and I will be free to carry on sewing until tea time....yay.

Hope your weather is a bit drier than ours today.



  1. Thanks for the link-it's a great way to make mug rugs! As it's raining here, I may just spend the afternoon making some. Catriona

  2. Just looked at the tutorial, such a great gift idea I have popped it on my list. We haven't had rain today but it looks as if it might.

  3. I thought of you when I was making them MM and wondered if the tutorial would be any good to you-x-

  4. Oohhhh...mug mats! Actually I'm tempted to size up the idea for door mats that wash...we're making very muddy floors here at the moment...roll on hardcore! x


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