02 June 2016

It's Growing!!!

A sneak peek of the Christmas quilt which is growing steadily every day. I am going fairly slowly with it to make sure I get everything lined up properly.....even going so far as to unpick if things are a tiny bit out which is unusual for me as I don't normally have the patience.
It's going to be a lovely size at fifty six inches square.

Well I was going to tackle the stair carpet with The Beast but unfortunately I have a poorly hubby who is tucked up in bed. He, like me has had a constant cold for weeks and weeks and again, like me has just kept going and going until I think he has just run himself into the ground. He is due to go to work tonight after a few days of holiday leave but I don't know if he will go or not. I'll advise him not to go but he is very stubborn.
So instead I think I will have a sort out in the kitchen which is looking a bit untidy and get it ready for a baking session either tomorrow or Saturday. I haven't baked for weeks with not feeling great myself and DD did hint last night that she is missing her lunchtime treats. I did suggest that she was welcome to use the oven and do some baking herself but the look I got should have burnt me to

Hubby wanted hot dogs for tea tonight so that is what we are having although I might just have a cold sausage sliced up with some salad and a crusty roll which appeals more today as I think it's going to be warmer than the last couple of days. and a read of the papers and then it's on with the Marigolds.

Thanks for your visit today.


  1. Sheila:

    Your Christmas quilt is beautiful.

    Sorry to hear about your hubby and hope he feels better soon. It does sound like it would be a good idea if he gave work a miss tonight.

    LOL about the look you got from your daughter. At least she does appreciate your baking. You are a really good mum.

    Take care.


  2. You certainly are doing a great job with the quilt, it looks amazing. Hope hubby feels better soon, poor thing. The weather here is still atrocious, it is more like a winters day than what should be the summer.

  3. Your quilt is coming along nicely, very festive. Francesca always wants home baking to take back with her at every visit, she misses all the cookies and cakes. I whizzed round my kitchen this morning but will not be baking later, it is all things salady while this hot spell lasts.


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