07 June 2016

Mad Dogs And All That!!!

Griddled chicken

Mincemeat cakes
It was so hot yesterday that I nearly gave in and did a cheese salad for tea but I had promised DD chicken so I cranked up the griddle and made garlic and honey chicken.....boy it was good. There was enough for tea and leftovers for pack ups. 
I also had the oven on to bake some mincemeat cakes to use up one of the jars I had in the cupboard using THIS recipe. They are really good. Moist and tasty. If you try them and bake them in muffin cases they only take 20 mins in the oven.
Good use was made of the cooling spray while all this was going

I was a bit too hot to be bothered with sewing once my jobs were done so I got a cool drink and sat down to design some Christmas cushion covers to use up some fabric I have left over from the quilts I made last year. I may need a couple of fat quarters to complete the set of four I plan to make and luckily the local fabric shop does have some of the fabric left.

It feels a little cooler today thank goodness but there are no major jobs on my list. Once hubby is fed at lunchtime I may well get the sewing machine out and get this quilt top finished.

Have a lovely day.


  1. We have finally started to warm up here, this is the first day that I have finally taken my cardigan off. The chicken looks good.

  2. I feel thick head tired, it has been so muggy and hot at night I am not sleeping a lot, I have the fan to take up stairs tonight, I had planned some baking today but it was just too hot.


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