Thursday, 16 June 2016


Good morning from a damp and miserable corner of Staffordshire.

Some of the replies I had to my post yesterday had me in fits of giggles. Yes I do have a set day for sorting out the fridge to get rid of any bits that might want throwing out and to see what I might need from the supermarket when I shop that day. It just makes sense to wipe it over inside and out while I am doing it. That is the only job that has a set day everything else just gets done on a very loose schedule of if I can be bothered or

Margaret P....DD is Darling Daughter. DS is Darling Son and DDIL is Darling Daughter In Law. I don't use any of their names due to the jobs they all do. Also for this reason I am unable to post pictures of Ruby and Marlowe......other than a couple of pics when she was born.

It's a bit of a quick post this morning as I am off out shortly with DDIL and Marlowe and then by the time we get back DD will have finished work and will be waiting for me to go out with her.
Not much time for sewing today which is a pity as I am getting on well with the Vintage Picnic quilt.

Hoping your day is a bit drier than here.
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  1. Thanks for explaining about DD and DDIL - I'm not sure who Marlowe is? Is he/she male or female? I've not come across that name before so I need a bit of help. A bit like my Canadian friend's grandchild who is called Payton (which I learned is female.) Oh, for the days when men were called John and women were called Mary (only joking!)
    I actually clean out the fridge before we do the Big Shop, just to see what's lurking, what needs to be dumped (there's always something even this frugal gal can't use) and what needs to be bought. But I don't have a day for the Big Shop, we don't do it once a week on a certain day (on that note I'd suggest everyone shopped on a different day; criminals who might be watching our movements might cotton on to the fact we could be out of the house at a certain time each week ... enough said), but only when we actually need to shop. It gives me a lovely homey feeling to clean out the fridge and have it ready for the fresh stock when we return.
    Margaret P

  2. I don't really have set days for anything, my jobs gets done when they need doing apart from the garden which is weather dependant. I just had a go at those mug rugs you gave the link to, like you said they were really simple, another little gift done.


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