Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Shivering!!!'s cold this morning.
Yesterday evening we had a thunder storm and then about 1am we had torrential rain again. Everything in the garden is looking bashed and battered so there will be a few snipping and tidying jobs to do when it's fit to go out. The lawn is waterlogged so I don't want to go trampling on it as it's still showing the scars of where the materials lay for the roofline work although it is growing back.

I have just eaten what is possibly one of the worst breakfasts I have ever eaten. I'm trying to cut down on having toast every morning so had a bowl of Kellogs Nourish topped with some mango.....gawd it was like eating cardboard covered in slime......absolutely disgusting. Back to the toast tomorrow but just one slice instead of two.

Wednesday is fridge cleaning day. It shouldn't be too bad today as we have used all of the salad and the only veg I have in there are red and white onions and a bag of carrots for the dog. Just need to check the yoghurts are still in date and give the fridge a good wipe inside and out and add things to the list for shopping tonight that we might be short of.

Looking forward to seeing my Ruby later as I have not seen her since last Wednesday. She was down in London over the weekend with her other Grandparents.
Tomorrow I am off out for a walk round the garden centre with DDIL and Marlowe and then Saturday I'll be taking care of Marlowe for the day while DDIL and Ruby go to see a show and DS is helping some friends move some garden rubbish. A whole day of baby marvellous.

Right I had best go and play nurse to Smudge dog. His eyes need bathing and treating with his drops and the hair around his eyes could do with trimming a little......a job I hate doing.

Bye for now.


  1. I have to admit to been a tad jealous of the baby snuggles, enjoy those precious moments. The garden is water logged here too.

  2. Wow, you have an actual Fridge Cleaning Day. I couldn't be that organized! Once I gave up the day job (way back in 1992) and since husband retired (1998) I've done jobs as and when they were required. I don't like regularity at all (except for the bowels, har, har!) but what suits one doesn't suit another and this must work for you. Do you get up on a Wednesday, leap out of bed and say, Hey ho, Fridge Cleaning today! Only joking!
    Boy, it's cold here in Torbay, too! Right now the rain is coursing down the windows and playing havoc with the roses and peonies in the garden! Yes, the garden needs rain, but it doesn't have to arrive every day, surely?
    There used to be a little couplet, though, which my Dad used to say:
    "Devon, glorious Devon,
    Where it rains eight days in seven!"
    No wonder Devon is so green!!!
    Margaret P

  3. Just a thought ... a lot of bloggers, not just yourself, use initials for members of their family and extended family. I really can't keep up with such things as DDIL or DB or whatever ... is it just me? Every blogger who does this has a different initial (or set of initials) for their nearest and dearest, and my pea-sized brain is just unable to cope with who these people are. Am I alone in this? I'd far rather people used names (even giving these people pseudonyms if they didn't wish to use their actual names, or simply Husband, Daughter, Son-in-Law, etc. It doesn't take much longer to type that in full ... does it?
    That, of a crib sheet - I've not found a crib sheet here, but maybe I've not looked far enough!
    It's still raining, but a blackbird is singing in our walnut tree - what a glorious sound!
    Margaret P

  4. My goodness you sound just like my eldest sister...she has a set day for everything...and she is so organised...oh how I wish I could be more organised. x

  5. it is strange how these healthy foods are disgusting to eat, its live those who pulvrise vegetable to a slush to have for breakfast its enough to put a sour look on your face for the rest of day, stick to the toast love it with loads of butter :-)


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