Saturday, 25 June 2016

Early Birds!!!

Up at the crack of a sparrers doo dah this morning due to the fact that Ruby likes company when she sleeps. I was in bed by 10pm and up at 6:30am. Slept like a log and feel so much better for it.
We'd had a breakfast of eggs and toast by just after 7am and then we decided to get on with some of the crafting and make the wooden spoon character. Ruby did an amazing job with the cutting and the glue. I added the hair as we were using a glue gun and I didn't want to return her to her parents damaged in any
We just have a safari collage to do now but Ruby has gone for a little trip out with DD as she  needs a new pair of shoes to keep here and she has pocket money to spend.
While they are gone I will tidy up, fold some laundry and put another lot in to wash. It will have to go into the dryer today as it's raining:(

I hope it's dry where you are.


  1. We had a good start with bright sun, now it is more drizzle with the odd dash of rain. I have whizzed the vacuum round, stripped the meat off 2 RTC roast chickens from tesco and stashed it in the freezer. Well apart from the bits that Ben stashed in his tummy. I ought to clear the little bit of ironing but am playing catch up on blog reading instead.

  2. It is dry and I actually have washing on the line. Impressive spoon character, so much fun.


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