22 June 2016

A Wednesday Waffle!!!

It was hot yesterday and I had about as much energy as a gnat.
Today is slightly cooler with a nice breeze which is a good job as I have cooking jobs to do.
DDIL has asked if I would please make her one of my lasagnes so I thought I would make a batch of them for our freezer and a couple for theirs. I'll make the sauce today, leave it in the fridge overnight and then make the dishes up tomorrow.

I did some sewing yesterday but not the quilt. Just a quick bag to pop my purse in when I go shopping. It turned out OK but the webbing I used for the strap seems a little flimsy to me so I may have to look for something sturdier.
Talking of sewing....I didn't envy the contestants on Sewing Bee having to make the sportswear. Not something I would like to tackle.
I was sad to see Rumana go.

Right.....I've had my coffee so I had best go and get chopping and get this sauce on the go.

Thanks for dropping by today.


  1. Shelia, you are not going to believe me but we finally got a little sun. I have just made a shopper too I doubled up the fabric for the handles and it seems to be OK.

  2. Just a little bag run up on the quick! You do a lot of really should be on the Bea. x


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