Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Beast!!!

I am officially in love with my beast of a carpet cleaner.
For a trial run yesterday I just did the lounge carpet and it did a beautiful job. The carpet is clean, smells fresh and was almost dry when I'd finished which is something I had not had with my previous cleaner so I was very impressed with that.
Today I will tackle the carpet up at the dining end of the kitchen and see how it copes with that.

Poor Smudge the dog has had to go to the vets this morning as he has an ongoing problem with his eyes. They keep filming over with horrible thick green gunk and the eye cream the vet prescribed is doing no good at all. I have to keep bathing them with warm water and he doesn't like it so hubby has taken him to see if there is anything else we can try. He will need lots of cuddles when he gets back as he gets very distressed when he visits the vets.

No visit from my Miss Doodle today as she is away in France having a wonderful time. They go in a group with friends and they are staying in the most beautiful gite. I just hope they are having good weather and not having any problems getting fuel for their car.

No major cooking to do today as I have some things that want using up so a Feta and spinach salad with some sweet potato wedges.

Hoping to finish the quilt top today. Just the 8 inch blocks to sew together now and I think there is enough batting left to be able to layer and quilt it. I have enough 4.5 x 2.5 pieces left to make a cushion to go with it and that will be a Christmas present done and dusted for DS and DDIL.

The weather doesn't look up to much today. Dull and dreary. No rain at the moment but there is some lurking about up there I do believe.

Okey dokey.....I am ready for my coffee and then once hubby gets back with more supplies of carpet shampoo I shall be up and scrubbing.

Thanks for dropping by today.



  1. Poor Smudge, hope the vet is able to prescribe something more effective, poor thing.

  2. Ben loves going to the vet, something to do with the jar of treats perhaps. It is glorious sunshine today and very hot, I have come in for the afternoon but aim to be outside by 5.


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