Friday, 3 June 2016

Nurse Teatowel!!!

I forgot to let you know what happened with Smudge the dog when he went to the vets the other day.
It seems that he has dry eyes and has been given drops and cream to help with that. He will need them for the rest of his life. Drops twice a day and cream once a day so I now start my day by bathing his eyes to get rid of anything that has come out of them over night and then put his drops in. It's not the first time I have nursed him. A few years ago I had to see him through a very traumatic injury when he and hubby were attacked by vicious dogs up in the woods. The vet expected him to lose his leg but I was determined that he wouldn't.....and he didn't.
Keeping his eyes clean and clear is going to be a doddle compared to that.

We have a lot of house martins flying about this week. They look awfully busy. I am sad that we lost our nest when we had the roof line work done. I hope they come back again at some point as we love watching and listening for the babies.

Hubby managed his night at work last night and seems lots better this morning. He wants to go back to the pub we went to last weekend for Sunday lunch to try their evening menu tonight so a no cook day for me today. I just need to clean and tidy ready for the weekend.

I'm not sure when exactly they get back but my Doodle and family will be home this weekend. I missed her so much on Wednesday. I wonder what she spent her holiday pocket money on from Grandad.

Anyhoo I will go and get on with the rest of my jobs now I have had my coffee.

Weather's looking good so I hope you all have a smashing weekend.



  1. Enjoy your meal out this evening, there must be something in the air I have just got back from having lunch out with my husband.

  2. Aha, I have been thinking of Scampi, chips and salad all day, perhaps I should shimmy down the local and have a looksee.

  3. I've been having a look at the menu Pam and I can't decide whether to go for the lasagne or the chicken stuffed with cream cheese and tarragon, wrapped in bacon and served in a lemon creme fresh mouth is watering.

  4. The weather is looking gorgeous for the weekend. Enjoy your meal out. The chicken sounds delicious. X


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