Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Off We Go On A Vintage Picnic!!!

A new quilt started and it is going much faster than I thought it would.
All of the white squares were cut on Sunday and I made a start on sewing them to the Moda-Vintage Picnic squares.
Yesterday I finished off the sewing and cut the pieces apart to form the half square triangle blocks and then last night I finally decided on the pinwheel configuration and started sorting them into their four by four blocks.
Today I will finish sorting them and hopefully make a start on sewing the blocks together to form the rows.
The colours in this pack are just mouthwatering. Peach, Sage, Teal, Lime, Red and Navy and I will put the quilt together with Peach at the top and work my way down in the colour order above to the Navy.

Torrential rain here again today. Poor DD......I hope she can find some inside jobs to do today at work.
My poor peony is so heavy with rain that it is kissing the lawn now so that will be her done for this year I should think. At least I got a picture of it and I'll just have to look forward to next year in the hope that it will produce more than one flower.

More salad for tea again today to use up the last bits before I do a top up shop tomorrow. We'll be having chicken strips and corn on the cob with it.
All on my own for coffee this morning as hubby is in bed having come in from a night shift so I'll go and put the kettle on and then I need a browse around some fabric sites to search for backing and binding fabric for this new quilt. I'm thinking a white on white swiss dot but will more than likely change my mind once I get rummaging through all the gorgeous stuff out

Keep dry if it's wet and cool if it's hot where you are.


  1. HST's are a favourite here, I often use Kona Snow rather than a bright white. It is a bit easier on the eyes and seems to make the colours seem purer. Salad tonight for me, Quinoa with tomatoes broccoli florets, peas and beetroot with chicken something. I am off to Knit and Natter soon and hope to get buttons for my cardigan, I have started a chunky jumper, the cooler weather made it possible. Pics later when I post.

  2. I'm sure Kona Snow is what the lady in the shop said this was Pam. It's not a bright white. I've never done HST's before so I am taking it steady to make sure they come out right.
    As I don't need to buy anything to go with tea tonight I might get hubby to pick me a pack of the smoked beetroot up from T's when he goes to fetch his papers later. Totally your fault for mentioning
    Hope you have a great time at Knit and Natter-x-

  3. No rain here today but torrential rain throughout the night making it cold and miserable here today.

  4. Better to have loved a peony and lost it rather than never to have loved a peony at all. x


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