09 June 2016

Peony Envy!!!

I love peonies. Of all flowers they are my most favourite and I do have some in my garden One very old one which isn't doing so well this year and one new one planted last year that has one very precious bud on it that I am stalking while I wait for it to open.
I think the old one will be dug up and replaced with another new one. So I am very envious when I see pics of peoples gardens with beautiful bushes covered in flowers.

It's another glorious day here....if you like that kind of this mad woman has to have the oven on shortly to feed the hubby and then I have to bake a cake as my DDIL is visiting later with the beautiful Marlowe so I can get some cuddles in. I got a quick one last night when we dropped Ruby off. She is a very smiley, giggly baby and so flippin' cute that I never want to leave when I see her.

I made hubby phone the hospital this morning to find out what kind of appointment he actually has tomorrow and it is just a pre biopsy assessment so he won't be there all day. That will be next time. He will have to go on to work afterwards as they are only allowed four hours for a hospital appointment.

Tea today will be Sweet and Sticky Meatball Skewers with a side salad so that should be nice and tasty.
All this salad is doing me a power of good. I have dropped half a stone in a couple of weeks. If I can drop another stone before my next checkup at the docs I might get a good girl

Rightio....I'll go and feed the hubby before he goes and then get the cake baked so I can turn the oven off as soon as possible.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss, I could do with losing a few pounds. Hope all goes well with the hubby at the hospital.

  2. I am working hard to drop some weight, and my peony is pink. Love it and I am going to look for a couple more in the autumn.

  3. Sheila:

    You do seem to be coping rather well. We have had some delightful days but this morning the weather forecast is for the next 7 to 10 days a blistering heat wave i.e. close to 100F each day and with the humidity will feel much warmer. With this kind of heat the only good place is in the swimming pool. I never turn my oven during such a heat wave because it makes the air conditioner work very hard and the resulting bill you don't want to know.

    Well done on the weight loss - it really is very hard the older you get. I try to stay away from hubby's ice cream and like you eat salad but the old biscuit or two sneaks in.

    Take care.


  4. Good girl on the weight loss! I seem to have been sidetracked somehow...hope hubby's procedures go smoothly and have a satisfactory outcome for you. Peonies...beautiful...I have heard that you should only ever buy a peonie in flower because some never do! x


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