Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Stating The Flippin' Obvious!!!

Beautiful flowers from my hubby
Ooooh it's flippin' hot this morning. Hotter than yesterday. The heat makes me feel unwell and I don't like it but I am happy that for those of you who do that we are having some fine weather for a change. I'd love to go and have a potter in the garden but I know if I do that I will pay for it later so I am inside pottering instead.
What with my 'lady of a certain age' micro climate going on and the heat from outside I don't think I will be doing anything too strenuous this afternoon apart from putting a tray of meatballs into the oven to have with some salad for tea. I'm thinking I might treat myself to an afternoon on the sofa watching a film which is something I never do. I spend very little time in the lounge(apart from evenings when hubby is at work) so it will be a huge treat.

Hubby bought me flowers yesterday. He buys them for me most weeks but the ones up above are my favourite. Such beautiful colours and I especially love the tiny green button chrysanthemums. They are so cute. I wonder if they can be grown in the average garden.

Right....I will go and feed hubby before he goes off to work. I envy him being deep underground this afternoon where it is nice and cool.

Have a lovely day.



  1. I am a sun worshipper so this mini heatwave is just my thing.

  2. As a fellow 'lady of a certain age' I am with you on the suffering aspect of this heatwave. I watered the garden first thing this morning and it was already baking hot. I have spent the rest of today knitting a twiddlemuff.

  3. I am avoiding the oven here in Minnesota - we have 85 degrees so far and 98 or possibly 100 degrees by Thursday. I think I would be doing those meatballs on the stove top. Heh. Try to stay cool. I take small plastic bottles filled about 2/3 full of water and slightly squish them down to fit on my neck, leaving air for expansion, of course, and freeze them. When I had my internal oven kicking in, I would use one of these ice bottles to get cooled down. I still use them for migraines. I sometimes have to reach for a blanket, as I get a little too cool. Heh. Ranee (MN) USA


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