Friday, 8 July 2016

Friday Fashion!!!

Today fashion icon Sheila can be found sporting vintage (old and knackered) jeggings and an asymetric hem top accessorised with couture brand Marigold gloves. Her parfum choice of the day is bleach and vinegar by
Yes it's cleaning day here at Tea Towel Manor. Getting the house ready for the weekend when I can't get on with much as I have hubby and DD under my feet for two days. You could be forgiven for thinking that they were staging some kind of sit in as they both glue their backsides to a sofa each and barely budge for the whole weekend.

The sewing didn't go too well yesterday. I think my mojo is still MIA. I do have rather a long list in my head of things that need doing around the house and I do feel a little guilty sitting sewing when I could be doing something off the list. Hey ho....the quilt will be done when it's done and I'd rather be in the right frame of mind to do it.

Last night DD and I started watching the box set of 24. Why did I never watch it before? It is absolutely brilliant and I am hooked.
Hubby has come back from fetching the papers this morning with three Cornish pasties from the farm shop at the pub where we go for lunch on Sundays. They are flippin' huge so I think just one of those each and a few baked beans for tea today. No cooking and prep means we will be able to watch more 24....yay.

A quick lunch and then another round of scrubbing and hoovering before DD gets home.

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  1. must admit i have a similar couture outfit today,
    Mr got up on full criple mode this morning so im stuck at home cleaning

  2. I feel your pain. It is so frustrating trying to clean with people under your feet. I'm hoping to get on top of my housework over the weekend when it is raining. For now the weather is fine so we will be off to the park this afternoon. X

  3. I bought the Stardrops white vinegar once but the added scent gave my daughter and me the sneezes and itchy eyes so I poured it away and now use the bottle refilled with plain white vinegar. I do my housework before I get hubby up and dressed in the morning I get it done in half the time.

  4. A trip out for me today, the cleaning can wait for another day. Like the sound of the pasties.

  5. Give us a twirl then Sheila! Awwww very fetching! Hope the house us now squeaky clean and you found your sewing mojo while you were at it. x


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