Monday, 4 July 2016

I'm Late!!!

Ooooh I'm a bit behind this morning.
Had a very lazy day yesterday and didn't do much of anything apart from going out for lunch which was gorgeous as always. The only thing I didn't like was being sat in the conservatory as the sun was blinding and it was very hot in there. Sod's Law.....just as we were leaving the sun went in and it never really came out much after that.

As I said before....I am putting off doing any more sewing until Wednesday as I have the girls very tomorrow morning and I want to work on the quilt until it is finished with no interruptions so today I am going to be sorting out my shambolic fabric storage once and for all. I have bought down a big box from the attic to replace the big shopping bag that I use for some storage and I am hoping to put all of my fabric in it. I am on a stash buying diet for a while so hope to use some of it up before I start buying again.

I have some chicken marinating for an easy tea of wraps with sauteed pepper and onion and fajita style chicken and then I need to go and pick up some salad as ours has all gone into pack up boxes and we'll need some for the next few days if I am to avoid

Just hubby's pots to wash up and then I will start my sorting.
Hope you have a fab day.....what is left of it.


  1. I am making a retro dinner tonight, corned beef and vegetable pie. My Granny often made this on a washing day as it was quick and easy. left over cooked carrot and potato, a little gravy and a tin of corned beef chopped into it. She made a plate pie with a double crust but I am putting mine into a dish and topping with puff pastry, broccoli and peas with some more gravy on the side. 3 people fed for not much work or money. Not forgetting rhubarb crumble for pudding.

  2. I love corned beef pie Pam. We haven't had one for a while so if this nippy weather continues that will be a good idea for a tea next week....yum, yum-x-

  3. It must be the season for sorting fabric, I have read several blogs today that are doing that. Hope you are feeling better after your babysitting.

  4. Just popping over from Number 38 to say Hello. Love the title of your blog, so true :) I'm trying to sort my material and bits and bobs out as well. I don't have much but what I do have is rammed into wardrobes and on shelves. Looking forward to reading your posts. xx


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