Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Whirling Dervish!!!

If I'd have gone any faster yesterday getting on with jobs I think I would have met myself coming back. I did cause myself some pain trying to sew up a small area of the sofa that had split open but soon gave up that idea and superglued it instead. It worked but I don't know how long it will last for.
Despite having hoovered through yesterday I have to do it again today........that dog and his ruddy

The man came to have a look at our shower last night and we have decided to go with a replacement rather than a repair so he will be coming to do that on Friday morning. We'll be able to have cool showers again....yay!!!

The first day of summer holidays for Ruby and it has rained. I hope it hasn't ruined the day out Mummy had planned for her. She'll be shattered by bedtime tonight what with being out all day and then a late-ish night going out for tea and to the cinema.

Mmmm......I've sat here long enough over breakfast so I might as well have my coffee early this morning before I start on my Wednesday fridge clean so I can make a shopping list.

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  1. I have just sat daown with a cuppa myself after hoovering throughout, washing and de-child friendling the house, Sol goes in the porch or outside with his carrots he is a messy eater.

  2. Lol Dawn....I have just this minute sat down too. It's gone very hot here after a nice fresh start to the day.
    Smudge will only eat his carrot on the hearth rug but it tends to go all over the carpet too. Can you imagine if Sol and Smudge had a carrot party? I'm going hysterical just thinking about it.
    Have a fab day-x-

  3. All my dogs have loved carrots but one of my friends dogs is a runner bean fiend, he strips the plants up as high as he can reach. Ben likes them but takes them outside to eat, though he doesn't miss a scrap. I have been busy today and hope to sit and knit tonight in front of the telly.

  4. Smiling at the carrots being all over the floor. Same here but with plastic balls the dogs chew. They really hurt as well if you stand on one of the bits. Did Ruby enjoy the BFG? I really like a trip to the cinema, not so much the prices though. xx


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