Sunday, 17 July 2016

If You Can't Stand The Heat.....!!!

.......stay out of the kitchen.
That is what I have done today. I am so glad that we booked to go out for lunch as the heat here topped with the oven on for a roast would just about have done me in. We managed to sit out at the back of the pub for about five minutes or so to let Ruby have a go on the bouncy castle and slide but it was way too hot for all of us, especially Marlowe. So we came home and I took Ruby to our little park for about twenty minutes. Tea and cake were served and now they have gone off to catch the supermarket before it closes and I am in the dining room with the curtains closed and the back door open trying to catch a little breeze and chase off a headache.
I really, really don't like summer.

I can't see me doing much now apart from getting lunch boxes ready for tomorrow so I am going to read the papers and have a long cool drink.

Hope you are all having fun in the sun.


  1. Yes Sheila, finally we have not only sun but a little heat too. We ate out too at the garden centre they do a roast so it saved me cooking.

  2. Aagh dear...we wait and wait for good weather...then it comes and it's almost too 'good' ! I was struggling to add to my steps in the heat, and cooking a roast last evening was a tiresome top it all we had a power cut just when sweaty men needed showers after working outside...hubby brought home his generator as it was forecast to be off for hours! x


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