Monday, 18 July 2016

What Shall I Choose?!!!

I have the choice of several jobs today. One involves being outside on the back yard which I will have to leave until later in the day when the sun and therefore the worst of the heat has gone from that area. Having said that's so hot out there that the heat might blister the paint on the fire surround and save me having to use the
There is a pattern I need to cut out for a summer dress and I want to prewash the fabric I have chosen for ideal day to dry it on the line.
I could paint the plant stand thingy which would give me a practice with the chalk paint I have bought. It won't matter if I get it wrong on that as it can just be sanded down and I can start again but I don't want to start the table until I am sure I like the paint both in effect and the colours I have chosen.
Oh choices, choices.
I'll have a think about it while I have my coffee.....very late with that today as I have been sorting laundry. There seems a lot today.

Tea will have to be salad with something that only takes a short time in the oven. I might wait and see what DD fancies and while we have that we can watch some more 24 which we haven't watched since Friday.

Well in the short time I have been sat typing this black clouds have appeared overhead. The sun is still peeping through though so I'll keep my eye on it before I wash that fabric.

Hope it's fine where you are.


  1. I was powering through the washing and housework this morning. Ben choose to sit in my lap so I have been catching up with Crafternoon Treats podcasts and a little bit more sock knitting.He has just decided to return to his bed so I can do a blog reading blast before I start on the ironing.

  2. The sun is shining and we appear to be having a mini heatwave, long may it last. Washing/ironing and meals done and dusted so I am going to lounge in the garden.


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