Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Lovely Morning!!!

A tiny little village school, sunshine, gentle breeze and the sound of fifty or so kids having the best fun at their sports day. What an absolutely brilliant morning we had yesterday.
Ruby was a little star and came first in the egg and spoon race and third in the obstacle race. She was over the moon with her little stickers on her t shirt and I am guessing Mummy will have a job convincing her to take them off the shirt when it goes in the wash.
Her last day in Year 1 today. She is growing up too quickly for me.
Tomorrow she will be coming for a sleepover and as an end of school treat we are surprising her with tea out and a trip to the cinema to see The BFG. We have all wanted to see it since we saw the first clip of it so it will be a fab night.

For today....just the usual boring old jobs around the house. I want to clean and polish the two leather sofas, sort out the cupboard where we keep the sauces and pickles and then wash a blanket that I keep folded on the bottom of the bed to keep my feet warm. Even in the heat we have had I still suffer with cold feet.
Once those jobs are done I should have time to finish off my dress as there isn't much to do now. I just need to sew on the neck and armhole bindings and hem it.

Hubby is over whatever he went down with yesterday. He's ready for his fortnight of annual leave........I'm not sure I Two weeks of him under my feet and then he goes back to work and DD will be off for a week. I have jobs planned for both of them. Nothing major but things I can't tackle by myself such as moving some furniture around and cleaning the one side of the dining room windows that I can't get at as it involves climbing over a wall into a very small space.

It's nice and cool and breezy here this morning so I should be able to get on without feeling like I am going to pass out. We've still got the black clouds but they are not giving us much in the way of rain.

Right....on with the day.
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  1. Enjoy your trip to the cinema with little one a lovely treat, I havent been for years dont have the time and would find it difficult to just sit there for a couple of hours, I am catching up on housework this week after visitors :-)


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