Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Happy Ganma!!!

One of the little packages delivered to Ganma's house very early this morning. One has been fed breakfast and gone off happily to school and this little angel has been cuddled, fed and changed and is now sleeping for an hour or so.

My wonky pepper being sauteed with some onions ready to be turned into.............

........this.......and very nice it was too served up in warm tortilla wraps. 
Not much other than baby watching going off at the minute and after a bad night I am sure I shall be taking to the sofa for a nap when Marlowe has been collected at about 12:30pm.

Ooooh.....I had best go and get the play gym out.....little monkey is awake already.

Have a fab day.


  1. You are so lucky to have them so close and be a big part in their lives. They grow up so quickly.

  2. I do feel so blessed MM. Their other Grandma lives in London and doesn't see them quite so often and I do feel for her-x-

  3. Its such a shame they dont stay babies for long, enjoy it while it lasts :-)

  4. Awwww I can't wait until it's my turn to do this!!

  5. Hi Sheila, Do you look after your grandchildren regularly or was this just a one off? It's funny to think in just a few weeks Sienna will be lay on a play mat taking note of what's going on. xx

  6. Hi Suzanne
    Yes I do look after the grandchildren quite often. I was childminder to Ruby until she started full time school and she now comes for tea every Wednesday and for regular weekend sleepovers. I also have her for a whole week during the summer holidays. Marlowe will also get her turn when she gets older.
    Keep a close eye on little Sienna.......she will grow before your very eyes-x-

  7. The best time wasters ever invented! x


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