Thursday, 7 July 2016

Body Snatchers!!!

Yesterday I was taken over by body snatcher aliens from the planet Domestica and look what they made me do........six portions of vegetable soup, two quiches and a chocolate fudge cake.
Making the soup means that I have used up nearly every bit of the wonky veg box. There is just a half of a pepper left which will get chopped into some salad tonight to have with some of the quiche.

One pair of curtains washed and dried. I will iron them and rehang them tomorrow after I have cleaned the window and frames. I'm determined to get some sewing in today so blow the flippin' housework. I'm not putting any more in to wash as the weather is looking a bit iffy and we have had some rain already this morning.

Ruby chose to go out for tea last night which surprised me. The lure of the Ice Cream shop dessert obviously did it. It's one of her most favourite things and I love Frankie and Benny's for doing it as it makes a meal out quite special for kids. They get a little crate with a bowl of ice cream, three mini milk bottles with sweets in to sprinkle onto the ice cream, chocolate sauce and a pack of popping candy. So cute. We also got the added bonus of a voucher for £10 off the bill kindly passed on to us by DDIL.

I've not had breakfast yet so I think toast, coffee and papers and then a quick tidy of the dining room and out with the sewing machine.

Bye for now and thanks for stopping by.



  1. I wonder if the body snatchers would pop in here, I have spent a morning cleaning the fridge and putting off the cooking I have to do :-)

  2. Send them my way my freezer needs topping up. The quiche looks wonderful.

  3. That all looks really good Sheila. I love homemade quiche. Hope you managed to get the machine out. Lately all things crafty are winning hands down over housework although the baiscs are still getting done. I'm just going with the flow. One day I'll wake up and be raring to go through my house from top to bottom. It's just the way it takes me.

  4. I like a good day cooking up a storm every now and then, I took your tip and emptied the veg drawer into the slow cooker yesterday, A quick blitz with the wand blender and all tucked away in the freezer. I am freezing lots of meals in Ziploc bags now, they freeze flat and the layer is so thin that they thaw out double quick. I dare not make cake, I have a few small slices in the freezer for desperate moments, buried at the bottom so I have to dig for them.


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