06 July 2016

A Whole New Day!!!

.......and hopefully the day that my curtains finally get washed.
It's looking pretty good outside so far with a nice breeze and a bit of sun.

I had two sleeping babies here yesterday.
Marlowe was still asleep when Daddy arrived to pick her up and she slept and she slept. DS went to sit on the sofa and promptly fell asleep
I didn't have a nap as such after they had gone but I did do a very quick inspection of the inside of my eyelids for about fifteen minutes.

There should be sewing going on today but I had forgotten about Ruby coming for tea so it will be tomorrow for definite.
DD is treating me to tea out tonight. Ruby will get the choice of eating here or going out. I think she will choose to eat here as I have promised her chicken wraps with salad and sour cream so DD and I will eat after we have dropped her home.

Just some general tidying to today and the regular fridge sort out before I do a bit of a shop tonight. I might make a pan of soup to use up the last of the veg and freeze it in portions for lunches and I have promised quiches for pack ups so I will probably make those as well to use up last weeks eggs before I buy fresh ones.

I think I'll have my coffee and read of the papers early today when hubby gets back from town. It feels like a 'let's crack on' day today so I'll take full advantage of it as I don't get many of them at my

Bye for now.....and thanks for popping by.

ETA...... my followers list has disappeared from the top of my blog. Does anyone know how I can get it back?


  1. Your followers list is still there perhaps some-one borrowed it, I had a strip the beds morning, all washed and dried now planning on a few kitchen sessions this week :-)

  2. Hope you managed to get the curtains washed. Without wishing her baby days away I can't wait until Sienna is coming for tea and sleepovers. Love your style of writing by the way. xx

  3. Hope the curtains made it through the night and are on the road to recovery now! Very traumatic for curtains you know...this being washed business! x


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