Monday, 11 July 2016

So Sick Of The Rain!!! is raining this morning so my outdoor jobs are on hold yet again. I could swear I really could.

The cabbage got all chopped up yesterday and we had some with our lunch. It tasted amazing. I cooked too much though so the leftovers will be used to make bubble and squeak to have with some grilled bacon for our tea tonight. More will be used today to make a tub of homemade coleslaw and the menu for the rest of the week may have to be twiddled around a bit to accomodate the rest of it as I don't want to waste any.
I forgot to weigh it but I did measure was 32 inches around it's middle and I reckon I would have had to buy four or maybe five of the normal size ones I usually buy to get the same amount of cabbage.

Baking is on the agenda today. I've been asked for coconut cake although I shall make it in muffin cases as it's easier for lunch boxes and I'll make a Victoria sponge which always goes down well here.
Other than that it's just the usual tidying and a pretty boring day really.

Still not got any sewing mojo so I am going to go through the scraps I found when I was fabric tidying the other day. Maybe cutting them down will make me want to get the machine out. I was the same when I used to do a lot of cardmaking. If I lost my mojo I would tidy my workroom and something would spark off another creative whirlwind.

Well I hope the rain isn't stopping you doing what you want or need to do today.
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  1. Bubble and squeak is making my mouth water I haven't had that for awhile. We have only had a couple of light showers here today, makes a change.

  2. We have had drizzle, brilliant hot sunshine and rain so far today, it is warm, muggy and grey now. I have just whizzed round the garden for a small pointed cabbage, some peas, carrots and new potatoes. Dinner tonight with cold beef from yesterday, easy peasy and very tasty. I started a sewing project today, I had to tear myself away from the knitting, I have been in wool heaven for 2 weeks.


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