Saturday, 9 July 2016

Soggy Saturday!!!

Well they said that we would have rain at the weekend and boy do we have some rain. That's the garden plans scuppered again and I don't fancy wandering round town which was another plan DD and I made. I don't mind walking out in a shower but this rain is hitting the ground and bouncing right back up again.
Not sure what I will do to occupy myself now but there is bound to be something on my long list that I can do.

Hubby has treated us to some steak for tea tonight from the farm shop. We are trying it out to see if we like the quality of the meats he sells and then we can reduce the miles we travel to a butcher we have used for years.
So....steak and chips for tea and hubby is cooking. How lucky am I?

Looks like the rain has eased off a bit and the sky has lightened so I might risk a quick trip to the supermarket. If we go to Asda we can have a quick look in the huge Barnado's charity shop that has opened nearby.....without getting wet if it starts again.

I hope it's dry where you are today and that you are having a fabulous weekend.


  1. We havent got rain just very low cloud that soaks you when you walk outside, Martin brought a take away home last night for tonights dinner so I am not coking either, just debating should I do some sewing or spinning :-)

  2. I wish I could say it was dry but sadly like you despite the nice start it is raining.

  3. It has just eased off enough to take Ben half an hour. I am trying to work out a sock pattern. I have taken the bits that I like from the ones that I have made and so far so good. Just need to get the second one finished, they will be going with me on Tuesday. I am making it as simple as I can. I am making a stir fry tonight, cashews and chestnuts with Hoisin sauce.

  4. Fine here all day in Suffolk - sorry!


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