13 July 2016

Tick, Tick, Tick!!!

.......that was me yesterday ticking jobs off my long list. I don't know what I was on but I ripped through those jobs like nobody's business. I ache like hell this morning but in a satisfied kind of way....if you know what I mean.

I think I am going to risk putting the rest of the curtains on to wash this morning. It's quite grey out but there are some patches of blue appearing and there's a breeze so it should be OK.

My own little ray of sunshine will be here for tea after school so we are having chicken and spinach wraps with corn on the cob which she loves. She has sour cream in her wraps but I can't stomach that so we will have a touch of mayo and some sweet chilli sauce.
Hubby obviously doesn't want that for his tea and I see he has fetched sausages out of the freezer. It looks like I'll be cooking two meals then which has annoyed me a bit as Ruby is only here for two and a half hours and that will cut down on cuddle time.

Smudge dogs eyes are looking great now after a few weeks of treatment. He has drops three times a day and cream twice a day and his eyes are all bright and sparkly again. He is so used now to having me poking bottles and tubes at him that when he sees me pick up either of them he comes and sits down and lifts his head up for me. It makes me have a great big lump in my throat to see the trust in his beautiful little face.

Ooooh lots of blue up in the sky now so I'll get these curtains in.
Bye for now and thanks for dropping by.


  1. Good little doggie...nothing beats a list for motivation with housework...good luck with the just doesn't seem like July. x

  2. I must have got the same energy burst as I have been all domestic goddessy this morning

  3. Domestic Goddesses are bursting out all over! I am having a major declutter and it's all going to various good causes. Put on a huge load of beddingand it's now hissing down-AAAARGH! Catriona

  4. I had a lovely day in Norwich visiting my daughter and the boys, lots of cuddles were given and received.


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