Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wax Versus Varnish!!!

I didn't lounge around on the sofa yesterday as I had thought I might. It was just too hot in there. Instead I watched some videos on You Tube on the techniques of chalk painting and waxing furniture and then veered off to a blog post regarding the use of wax or varnish. I think after reading that the coffee table will definitely be varnished and apparently the best to give a non yellowing and sturdy finish is Polyvine. I'll get some of that before I start the painting.

The dress pattern has been cut out and the fabric will be washed today. Tomorrow I will cut it out if I am not too hot and bothered and begin the sewing. I am desperate for a light floaty dress. It's a simple pattern so shouldn't take long to make up.

The fire surround stripping is being left until the weekend as I need the tarpaulin I use when painting and it's not where I thought it was. Hubby needs to go into the bottom shed and see if it's there. I won't even entertain the thought of going in should see the size of the spiders that live in our

I'm looking forward to seeing Ruby later this afternoon. I was going to pack up a little picnic for tea and go over to the park for a while but as nice as the park is there is not one bit of shade over there and I just can't sit out in the full sun. We'll have a carpet picnic instead.

Just another week or so and hubby will be on holiday from work. I am hoping we might go away for a couple of days. I haven't the foggiest idea where to but anywhere would be a nice little break from everyday life.

Laundry has finished washing so I'll go and hang it on the line. It's bedding so it will make a nice shady area for Smudge dog to lie on the lawn. Bless him.....he doesn't like this heat either.

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  1. I have managed to get a lot of washing out and dried too, no thunderstorm as yet but it is looking more lightly as time goes by.

  2. We've had a shower of rain and there are still some very black clouds around-x-

  3. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint once....never again! x

  4. Oh OK.....thanks for that Jackie.
    The one I have is Craig and Rose. I think I will try it on something that doesn't matter first-x-


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