Friday, 30 October 2009

Oh Dear!!!

Well the pic I was going to post tonight was not meant to be. All day I kept saying 'I'll do that in a minute'. Got round to it this evening and for once it looked like it was going to be a good picture despite being taken by the light of a daylight lamp...........and it looks like me camera is busted.
Put the plug into the USB and straightaway I knew something was wrong as it didn't do what it usually does. Got into the files for the camera and it was full of folders and huge files........I had only taken six pics........and gobbledegook stuff I didn't even understand. So I took it out pretty sharpish and I shall have a look at it tomorrow when I get back from work.
Fortunately DD has my other one which I gave her after I had dropped it when I was changing the batteries. It wouldn't work after I put new batteries in so I thought it was broke. Sent her out to get me a new one and an hour after she got back with the new one I found that I had put the batteries in the other camera the wrong it wasn't broken at all. This was quite a long time ago and I can laugh about it now although I didn't at the time. Gawd I can hear you all giggling from!!!

We've been out this evening to visit DS and DDIL as they are going on holiday tomorrow and it's also DDIL's birthday so we wanted to make sure she got her card and pressie to take with her.
Tomorrow is 'the big day' when he will be proposing to her and we are all excited and nervous. I am so excited that I feel sick.
DS snuck hubby off to see the ring and he says it's beautiful. I would rather see it when she is wearing it.
I'll update when I know what the answer is.

Off to work tomorrow and the next couple of Saturday's as Deb's mum is in hospital recovering from an operation on her knee. We visited last night and she looks fantastically well.
So I have to have a bit earlier night tonight. Very strange for a Friday as I am usually up until about two or three am fiddling about. Better go and get my beauty sleep if I don't want to frighten the!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. How exciting Sheila ! Just think of all the lovely crafty bits you'll be able to make for the wedding ! Sue x


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