Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Last Of The Easel Cards For Now!!!

It was very wintery looking this morning when I got up but it's still a bit too warm for me. I can't wait until we have to light the fire every night and I'll be glad when it's dark at 4pm as then hopefully the nice little children that bomb around the back field on scrambling bikes will stay in and watch telly instead. I have no problem with them enjoying themselves but if you could hear the noise of half a dozen of them going drives me insane. Yesterday they were out there from 9:30am to about 5pm and I was almost a gibbering wreck by the time they had much for a peaceful day off.

Been quite busy today and didn't manage to finish my prep for Thursday when I have an all day class so I bought that home. I thought it best as if it's busy tomorrow and I don't get it done I shall be somewhat stuffed because I have work of my own I have to get done tomorrow night.

Having to walk through the shop with my eyes closed now as we have had so many deliveries just lately. I am on a severe stash diet and dare not be tempted.

Sorry tonight's card is yet another Easel Card but it's all I have on the camera at the minute. There will be a new style tomorrow.

Anyhoo.....I am off for a mooch around before bed.
Thanks for your visit today.

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  1. Your comments made me smile! Invite those boys in for some of your DD's apple pie! That'll sort them for a couple of days! lol

    Do you realise what you kicked off on blogland with your first display of the easel card?! They're everywhere! Just as well that I've been tied up with a xmas order or mine will be there too, luckily, by the time I get around to doing one, they will all be forgotten!

    Keryn :D


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