Sunday, 25 October 2009

Santa Easel Card!!!

Loving the Easel Cards. This one is the pretty much the same as the first one I made because I still had some of the bits lying about on my desk. This time I have embossed the tag and stamped a Santa image by Rubadubbadoo on the circle.
I am absolutely whacked today as I spent the morning and early afternoon decorating.......yes you read that right.........I actually got off my behind and did some more to the landing which has been sadly neglected.
So now I am done round to the bathroom door and just have the ceiling and walls to do down the bottom staircase. It will have to be the week after next though because DD will be at work next weekend and she is my little helper who pastes, makes coffee and picks all the horrible bits of wet paper trimmings up off the floor. She's an angel.
After a late lunch I carried on with my sort out. I have a corner in my work room that really, really bugs me so I have tidied it out and have also tidied out the drawers of the sideboard so I now have a sewing drawer and storage for my stock of ds tape and foam pads where I can get at them easily. Plus I have sorted out my box of Christmas stuff and chucked out loads of rubbishy bits.
I should have been making cards but that corner has been bugging me for weeks.
Well what a shock Danyl being in the sing off tonight eh?
He is not my favourite but I didn't expect him to be there. I was betting on Lloyd and Rachel this week.
Was sorry to see Miss Frank go. I think they need to go away now and really work on getting their act together and I'm sure we will see them again some time in the future.
Anyway........thanks for dropping by.


  1. I love the easel cards your showing us too Sheila and that's another lovely Santa image.

    I love the old traditional Santa images best.

    Lesley Xx

  2. I really like this card...very warm and rich. The Santa is gorgeous and not one that I am familiar with.

  3. Such a gorgeous card Sheila, that Santa image is adorable.

    I dont watch XF til Monday nights when hubby is back from his weekend night shifts so Im glad I didnt come across your blog til now! I was stunned that Danyl was in the sing off too.
    Once we can get rid of those awful twins the rest will be quick tight as they are all so good this year.
    Who's your favourite? Go on, tell!
    Keryn x


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