Saturday, 24 October 2009

Once More For The Kids!!!

  • Some more kids cards from my PC Crafter collection.
    Had a lovely comment from Mel at MelStampz who complimented me on my colouring of the images. Sorry but I can't take the credit for that. The images come like that. Some collections come with a black and white option....although not recent releases.....that are fab for colouring in with Promarkers.

  • DD has asked me to announce that last nights tea was fabulous. Well I say asked.....she had me on the floor with my arm up my back and!!! We had bacon and tomatoes in soft rolls.........and Lesley........we love our bacon when it's like crisps. That's OK in a roll but it is difficult to eat with a knife and fork.
    Hubby had bought some ice cream which was so sickly that I won't need any sugar for the next 12 months. Not doing too well with puddings this week am I?

  • Tonight I have done a 'proper' of our favourite winter warmers and here is the recipe for.............

  • Winter Pork Casserole (Bung it in cooks tbsp or tsps here)

  • Cubed pork
    Carrots......chopped chunky
    Sliced onions
    2 small tins Heinz Curried Baked Beans
    1/2 pt chicken stock

    Heat a little oil in a pan and fry the pork until browned.
    Remove the meat to your chosen cooking vessel and add the onions to the pan.
    Cook until lightly browned and then add the carrots.
    Add the veg to the meat and deglaze the pan with the stock.
    Pour the stock over the other ingredients and then add the beans.
    Add the parsley and season lightly.
    You can leave this simmering all day and then about an hour before serving remove the lid and turn up the heat to reduce the liquid.
    Adjust seasoning just before serving as the flavour intensifies as the stock reduces.

  • This is lovely with roast potatoes and brocolli but is just as good with boiled rice.

    I know it sounds disgusting with the curried beans but it really is gorgeous and there is no messing about with tsps of herbs and flavourings. It's all there in those two little tins.

    Morrisons seems to be the only place we can find the beans so if anyone knows anywhere else please let me know and I will post it here.

  • Well now I have fed the wastrels I am off upstairs until X Factor time as I am in the middle of a sort out.
    Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Last night's tea sounded great Sheila but the pork casserole sounds even better.

    'm not absolutely sure but when I was shopping in Asda today I picked up a few tins of their Great Stuff beans and things. They do several different ones and my little granddaughters love them and although I didn't buy a curry one I'm almost positive I saw one. I'll check next time I'm down there.

    The kiddies' cards are really great. Love the Santa's face.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Two great cards Sheila, and I'll be down for tea very soon lol
    Anne x

  3. Great cards and great food too by the sounds of it.


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