11 August 2012

What Am I Like?!!!

You know I am sorting out stamps and stuff to do a car boot why did I nip into Byrkley yesterday to pick up some bags for packaging them in.....and come out with four new stamps?

Oh my......they are just gorgeous and I can't wait to play with them but I have to clear some space somewhere first as I have boxes of packaged up stamps all over the place along with all the bags and labels plus I got fed up of bagging stamps and started on embellishments so there's literally nowhere for me to put anything.
It was a fun day yesterday with Ruby phoning me with updates on the toilet training which started as soon as she got up. She is taking to it really well and has earned eight stickers in one day. One or two mishaps but after sticker four things started looking up and she was just so excited to be a 'big girl'. Bless her little heart.
 A bit of excitement for me in the shape of some freebie kitchen units.....if they are kit out the back room downstairs as my craft room once again which will free up the bedroom to make a room for Ruby and allow me to craft later at night and also be on hand downstairs at other times to keep an eye on meals cooking etc without belting up and down every ten minutes....fabby!!!
 Busy day later today with housey stuff so I best go and get some shuteye.
Bye for now.


  1. I know where you are coming from with new stamps Sheila. They are so many lovely ones out there at the moment it is hard to resist. Will you be going to The Great Craft Festival next weekend at Donnington, if so, hope to see you there as I am going both days.
    Christine xx

  2. Who can resist the Kaisercraft stamps, they are fab and such good value! I have 3 of the ones you got but now I need the lamp post too!


  3. Sounds just like what I do, I have tried to stay away from the stores, but, that is my mental therapy, so I have to GO. Love all those stamps, the lamp post is so pretty.

  4. Hello Sheila

    I stumbled across your blog. Always a pleasure seeing another crafter getting pleasure from what they do.

    I sometimes make my own Christmas cards, I make lino cuts and print them on my old hand press

    Im'e a gilder and use gold leaf and imitation gold leaf rather a lot.

    Have you thought of gilding onto paper?

    It's really quite easy to gild onto paper, there are now modern gold sizes that are simple to use, and there are various ways to create antique and distressed finishes as well., like the crackle glaze and antique glaze.

    If you have a moment, pop over to my site, there is quite a lot about gilding onto paper, in particular there is an old bookbinders recipe which you can use to make really authentic looking imitation vellums and parchment papers from ordinary papers.

    Good luck to us all.



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