Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Harlequin Rose-2!!!

WOW.........I don't think I have stamped this manically for!!!
This is a tag I started yesterday using my new Elusive Images stamps and today I finished it off and added it to a card.
Used my trusty old Adirondacks for the colouring on this one as I have a class using them tomorrow.
There is another tag HERE done with the mens set I bought.

DD came to the shop with me today and did the counter while I got on with prep for tomorrow and other things.
The Penny Black stamps arrived. We have just had a small selection for now to see how they go and of course I had to have some.....even a set of cute ones surprisingly.
Lots to keep me busy!!!

Was very ticked off when I got home to find that the plumber who came to mend the loo had to smash the tiled box that I had had built around some ugly pipes when we had the tiling done. It looks a right mess and I just feel like crying as it's yet another job to add to the mounting list of things that need seeing to when I thought we were about done with the bathroom except for a coat of paint and changing the shower curtain for a screen........Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Anyway I am off for a bath with my eyes!!!

Bye for now......thanks for dropping by.


  1. Oh Wow Sheila. I wish I lived close enough to come to your classes and pick up a few tips. This is stunning.


  2. I knew you would love this Elusive Stamp Set when you saw it in real life. My favorite at the moment. I this card is stunning. I hope you have the acrylic block to fit the size of the border stamp as this is the only one I haven't been able to use yet. OOOOOOOOO Penny Black now in stock,must visit soon before everything goes.
    Christine xx

  3. Thanks Sheila, never thought about using a Cuttlebug plate, will do that tomorow
    Christine xx

  4. OMGOSH! This is beautiful Sheila!!! I so wish someone carried this plate in Canada! This is the most beautiful stamp and you have done wonders with it!!


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