Friday, 13 February 2009

I'm Still Breathing!!!

Well this week turned out to be a bit more frantic than expected and left me no time for blogging or much else really.....except work.....ain't that always the!!!
Monday I ended up bringing prep home to do for a class on Tuesday which took me up to 3am to do and then Tuesday I went straight into Tamworth after work and didn't get in until late. Wednesday I decided to get ahead with Mother's Day cards. I need to make a lot this year for the local shop as they bought nearly everything I made last year. Yesterday I got home and felt decidedly odd so just sat quietly cutting stuff up for a while and then had an early night.
How exciting is my life.......not!!!'s cards are one of the styles of Mother's Day cards. I have made twelve of these in various springlike colours which made a good dent in a pad of paper that needed using up.
The Valentine card is just a quickie one made with my new Cuttlebug die and folder set and an XCut tag die.
Cardstock for this is C'oredinations and paper is Basic Grey. Although I'm not a huge fan of pink I really love this paper.

I am absolutely beside myself today as I have got what must be the bargain of the century. A friend rang me to say that she had been to the local garden centre where a Craft Central has closed down and they were selling off some 12 x 12 stacking storage trays which CC had left behind. I got twenty nine of them for £3.50.........can you believe it? I know I couldn't. I am never, ever that!!!
Oooooh how organised am I going to be now?

Off to the NEC on Sunday for a squizz around the trade show with Deb. Hoping to catch Tim Holtz who is on one of the stands but what's the betting he has gone for coffee when I get there.
I didn't go last year so am really looking forward to it this time.

Right well I am off to hoick these trays up two flights of stairs and try not to give in to the temptation to sort out my card and paper into them........I have orders that must be finished first.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hi Sheila love the mothers day cards they are gorgeous no wonder they sell out and the valentines card is also great. Wow and what a bargain you got you lucky thing hope you can have a restful weekend

    Lorraine x

  2. Hope you manage to catch up with The Guru of all things inky! It's a treat I can now tell you :-) And he's soooooo nice!

  3. These are all gorgeous! Welcome back.

  4. I wondered where you'd got to. Love the mum's cards. Enjoy tomorrow. x

  5. Stunning Mothers Day Cards Sheila, and your Valentine card is so much nicer in real life, I know, as I was one of the lucky people who attended that particular workshop (ooops, left my heart shapes at shop)
    Christine xx


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