Sunday, 23 August 2009

Nearly There!!!

Hi There,
Apologies for the lack of anything crafty again. I have had such a busy week at the shop. Not only have I had lots of customers I have also changed the shop around a bit and had a good clean......made quite a few spiders homeless..yuck!!!
The only stamps I have touched have been the ones I have been moving or tidying.
I only have today off and then I am in for three more days until Deb is back in on Thursday so I am pretty whacked right now.
Stayed over at the shop on Friday night to get some of the messier moving finished but once it was dark I felt a bit uncomfortable being in a lit shop and went upstairs to settle down for the night. Oh boy I had forgotten how noisy towns are at night. So much screaming and shouting and the language......phew it just about singed my!!!
Don't know if I dare say this without touching wood but.....I have had a whole week without a migraine.....yay!!! The first whole week for ages.
Just finishing off the washing now and then I might manage an hour upstairs. Was hoping to spend the morning up there until dinner but DS put the kybosh on that by phoning to enquire........did I leave a pair of running shoes at home when I moved out? left home fourteen months ago son. Oooh he does make me laugh. Anyway he still popped round after work even though the shoes were nowhere to be found and he has taken off with me breadmaker. Be lucky if we see that again this side of Christmas. He borrowed a DVD of hubbys last of his presents I might add........and we just got that back a couple of weeks!!!
Well I'm off as another load has just finished.
Thanks for dropping by.

ETA.......I meant to ask........does anyone have the Kodak ESP All in One Printer? Just wondering what it's like as I have my eye on it as a replacement for my Epson DX4450 which will no longer print properly.
I did speak to one lady who wasn't so keen on it as it wouldn't recognise the opacity level on some fadeout pictures she was doing. It just kept printing the original picture. She was using images from My Craft Studio so I was wondering if it's just that that is the problem or if anyone else has had the same problem with a different programme.
Any info would be appreciated before I part with any money.


  1. Hi Sheila, you sound as though you have been busy whilst running the shop in Deb's absense.
    Am I reading your post correctly when you say you stayed over on Friday night, you are dedicated.
    I will be coming to see you hopefully tomorrow, so looking forward to having a chat if you are not too busy with customers LOL
    Christine xxx

  2. Hi Sheila--sorry not familiar with that one to help you-but i will ask about and e-mail you if any comments.
    thanks for visiting me in blog land newbie teritory x x


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