Sunday, 2 August 2009

Oooh....Cover Your Ears!!!

Toddled off upstairs yesterday to do a spot of crafting and I haven't a thing to show for it.
I was sat at my desk for all of five minutes and something went wrong with my new overhead light.....and it didn't go quietly either. Gawd I thought I'd been shot. I screamed and poor old hubby came rushing up two flights of stairs to my rescue...bless him.
Anyway he rushed off into town and got a new one and it is now fitted and working but a bit late for me to start anything.
LMAO here at the words 'hubby' and 'rushing' in the same sentence. Our family joke is.......if you need something doing to give him two years notice and if it ain't done by somebody in......or do it!!!
I'm a bit restless so despite it getting on for 2am I am off for a browse.
See ya.


  1. Hello Sheila, Sorry to hear about your overheard light blowing. Would have made me jump too! Good of your hubby to come to your rescue :0)I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one still up crafting (rubber stamping and getting puff paint in my hair lol!) at 2am this morning either ;0). Thanks for the pro-marker bargain tip. I am still replying on le plummes for my stamping so am looking to invest in pro markers soon. Your snow drift card is beautiful. I really love your blue colour theme and all the fine detailing. I am new to keeping a crafting weblog but have been a keen crafter and stamper for years. I enjoyed looking around you site. All the best Chloe - Kent.

  2. Hello Sheila, Oh I did laugh out loud when I read your post!! Oh that was so lovely of your hubby to rush to your aid, its times like that that show you just what you mean to them! Mine really wouldn't have run up the stairs, he hates stairs, he'd have just yelled instead!
    Keryn x

  3. Oh BTW thanks for the Hobbycraft tip off, somehow when I got in the car today it drove me straight there! I mean what's a crafter to do?! I managed to get 4 sets so I really must research how to use them now!! lol


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