Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What Do I Have To Do............!!! get some crafting time?
There is so much going on here at Manic Towers at the minute that by the time I get upstairs I am just too tired to do anything. Plus the Migraine Monster has visited again which I am thinking is due to the rise in temperature. Although this time it was a bit nastier than usual and it felt like someone had reamed my eye out with a jack hammer.
I am off upstairs now and if I don't get something made before bed time well I think I will give it up as a bad job and become a nun or something.......ha ha.........they'd soon kick me back!!!
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I think there is a little 'time demon' who, when you're not looking, winds the clock hand forwards ! Hope your head isn't too painful. Sue C x

  2. Oooh Sheila, my sympathies. You know I get them too and so am well aware it's not funny. Hope you feel better soon.

    Although I already had the awards you wanted me to have I have done a little thankyou post and linked back to your lovely blog(s). I told everybody about the class next week that Jo and I can't wait for too.

    Sending magic cuddles to make you better (they work on my Granddaughter).
    Lesley Xx


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