28 December 2011


I reckon that when Santa dropped by on Christmas Eve he went and nicked me mojo and it's now snuggled up at his house in front of a roaring fire having a jolly good old rest.
That's the only explanation for me not having a single bit of inspiration despite now having a few days off from child caring/cooking/cleaning etc.
To try and jump start it I am having a sort out of ribbons and papers. Once that's done.....if it still isn't back then it will be on to the stamp collection.

We had a very nice Christmas. The edge was taken off it a bit with car troubles, a car accident and the stress of trying to keep a meal in a fit state to be eaten when the guests finally arrived on Christmas Day but all in all it was fine.
Ruby was spoiled rotten by everyone and found it all a little bit overwhelming so she went off early to go to bed.
I can't go out now for a couple of days as I am on call to take Miss Doodle at short notice if DDIL should get called in to work......and I must say I don't mind at all. In fact it's quite blissful.
Anyhoo I'm off to untangle a few more ribbons.
Hope you all had a fab Christmas.


  1. Glad you had a lovely Christmas Sheila, despite the problems that came your way. Mojo's have that nasty habit of taking off when you need them most, I'm sure it will return when you least expect it !
    Best wishes for the New Year.

  2. I reckon my mojo's living it up somewhere with your's Sheila. After a month with barely any time for crafting at all, our Christmas visitors have departed, I go into my craftroom and .......... nothing! nada! zilch! and DT deadlines are looming, Eeeeeek! Lol!

    Glad you had a good Christmas inspite of a few spanners and all the best for 2012.

    Lesley Xx


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