Monday, 5 December 2011

Up To My Neck In..........!!!

Snowflakes.......oh how I wish they were the real thing but unfortunately not. These are paper ones which will be assembled into toppers for napkin rings for a winter wedding. Once they are done I have the seating plan to do and that is one wedding down and one to go.

It is officially cold enough now for me to start on my annual reading of Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher......just to get me in the mood for Christmas. I can't read it when I am chucking the duvet off every five minutes. I like to snuggle up. My copy is so battered now and doesn't even have a front cover anymore as Ruby ripped it off last year.

Poor Miss Doodle has been quite poorly over the last few days. She ended up at the hospital with a fever. It turned out that she had an infection and needed antibiotics. Mummy stayed at home with her today but she is coming to me tomorrow.

Well Mr Manic will be home soon so I had best go and sort him out some tea so he doesn't sack!!!

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  1. Oh poor Ruby Doodle. I hope she's feeling much better very soon. It's horrible when the littlies are ill isn't it? Our two both have horrendous coughs but thankfully they are not really poorly, just not sleeping too well.

    Er, if you want real snowflakes you can have the blooming things that have been falling on us on and off all day today. I'm dreading being snowed in again like last winter and definitely not at the moment as I may have to dash up the A1 at a moments notice when our new Grandson decides it's time to brave the cold outside his mummy's tummy, lol!



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