Friday, 16 December 2011

It's All About The Snow!!!

There are still snowflakes coming out of my ears. Today I am going to be finishing off the napkin rings above. I set myself a right old job with these I can tell you. I'm not a fan of diecut glitter card as I usually find that diecutting it leaves a dull edge around the shape so these have been cut from cream card, sprayed with Stick an Stay adhesive and covered with Glamour Dust. I did assemble the two together first.......not being quite mad enough to do them!!!
The tartan napkin is just for display for the photograph I think there will be cream ones at the wedding and they should look fab.
The snowflakes are from the Spellbinders Snowflake Pendant set.
.........and just as I started to write this post it started snowing outside. Lovely big fat flakes which lasted all of two minutes...bah!!! I got so excited too.
Well it's a bit chilly down here in the back room so I am off up to the workroom and I am going to put the heater on and craft the day away......and keep checking the window for snowfall.
Thanks for your visit.

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