Sunday, 18 September 2011

Kids Christmas!!!

I saw these cute snowmen last year made with a Top Note die which I don't have so I have used my Tim Holtz Ornamental die which works just as well. idea sorry. It was out of my bit box and I couldn't find any with a manufacturer's name on.
Holly is punched from a piece of Paper Adventures Crackle vellum. The berry is made from a circle punch and I have embossed it with with a large embossing tool from the back.....same with the nose.
As cute goes........I am quite liking this little fella.

We've been allowed to visit Smudge at the vets this morning and take him for a walk around the car park. I was very shocked when I saw the state of his's the first time I have seen it.
They've had to strip the skin off it and it's just red raw which is why they are keeping him there. They are dressing it four times a day with wet dressings to keep it moist. I was surprised that he managed to put his weight on it though when we took him out.
No mention yet of when we will have him home but I can't wait. The house is just not the same without him.

Managed to get a good start on the painting yesterday but it's not quite finished as the hall took ages with all it's fiddly bits.......and I hate the paint colour. It wasn't my original choice and it's too pale but Mr Manic will murder me if I ask for a different colour so I'm stuck with it.

Well I'm off upstairs for a bit until it's time to cook the veg and stuff for our late roast. Mr Manic won't be home until after six but we do like to sit down together for our Sunday meal.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Aww Sheila, what a shock it must have been for you to see Smudge in that state but I bet he was pleased to see you. It’s so upsetting when we see our pets so poorly and there’s nothing we can do to help them but he’s in good hand by the sounds of thing and I’m sure he’ll be home with you again soon. I hope the other owner is going to pay his vets bills….he should do seeing as it was his fault.

    Love the card by the way,……… cute!



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