Thursday, 22 September 2011

I've Been Doodled!!!

My word Miss Doodle has kept me on my toes today. I feel like I've been done on a boil wash and then thoroughly mangled. I've just been upstairs to try and do some crafting to wind down but I think she has got me so hyper that it just didn't happen. I could do with a large glass of something alcoholic........unfortunately I don't!!!

Smudge is coming along fabulously. His leg is looking good and he is regaining a bit of his joie de vivre which is what I have missed. Another visit to the vet tomorrow will probably have him down in the dumps for a couple of hours or so....he hates going there at any time.

I think I'll go and have a soak in a nice hot bath with something that smells good and then settle down and watch a bit more Bones. I am on season five again and there's not long to go before the release of season six........yay!!!

Bye for now.


  1. So sorry to have missed commenting and wishing poor Smudge well again but thank goodness he seems to have managed quite well without my wishes, lol! It must be your brilliant nursing skills Sheila and I'm so glad that he seems to be well on the mend.

    I might be missing again for a while, partly because we are going away for a few days but mainly because we are having A LOT of family troubles at the moment :( and I'm not getting as much time online as I would like.

    Lesley Xx

  2. hi sheila just wanted to let you know that the stamps i won from you have arrived here in Perth. I think they ended up on the slow boat lol. They look great i love paisley so I cant wait to use them in my art journal. I am so glad they came today because we are off to london and Paris on sunday and we will be away for a little while. Thanks again. Glad your doggie is on the mend. lisa xx


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