Wednesday, 19 October 2011

It's Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas!!!

After a couple of rather trying days with the Doodle Bird I have had neither the inclination nor inspiration to be upstairs even though I have work that needs doing. Instead I have been soothing my tatttered nerves with a spot of chutney making.
Last night was Apple with ginger and chilli which I will be labelling Ass Kicking Apple Chutney as I put just a touch extra chilli in it and it does have a definite kick to it. Tonight I have made Plum Chutney which I have never made before and it is divine. I could almost break out the cheese, crackers and celery now just thinking about!!!
I've just had a lovely hot bath and am sitting in a nice cosy house. I lit the fire this afternoon as it has been a bit wet and miserable here so it's just perfect now for sitting chilling in front of Law and Order. That should get me fit and ready for another stint on the front line!!!
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  1. I love a good dollop of chutney with anything yours sound delish !


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